Stara Baška

Stara Baška has always lived off fishing and sheep farming. However, its one-of-a-kind natural environment and breathtaking vistas helped it to develop into something much more – a true attraction for all lovers of relaxing holidays, scenic walks and spending time in the magnificent natural environment of the Adriatic coast . This is why, today, the village’s main branches of economy are tourism and hospitality.

Another feature of Stara Baška is its geographical position, owing to which it is the sunniest town on the island of Krk. Beaches both big and small stretch throughout the entire village – whether sandy, rocky, or pebbled ones. Staying at Pansion Nadia provides you with the opportunity to arrive at the most beautiful beaches within the blink of an eye, and to spend your entire day lazing about and enjoying the sunshine and blue sea. In the evening hours, you can return to the peaceful and comfortable environment of Nadia Restaurant and dine with a view of one of the most spectacular sunsets you will ever see.